Exercises from Light and Waves: A Conceptual Exploration of Physics by Steven S. Andrews, 2023

This webpage presents all of the exercises that I developed for the book Light and Waves. They are in a pdf document, which includes all of the problems and the answers to the odd-numbered ones.

Exercises (3 MB pdf)

They are available for reuse, regardless of whether the book is used or not. Please let me know if you find errors with them or if problems are written in a confusing way. Also, let me know if you develop your own exercises and would be interested in having them included in a future book edition or on this webpage.

Book reference. You don't need to reference the book if you use these exercises, but you can if it would be appropriate. The reference is: Andrews, Steven S. Light and Waves: A Conceptual Exploration of Physics Springer: Switzerland, 2023. ISBN: 978-3-031-24096-6. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-24097-3.

Answers for odd-numbered problems are included in the back of the book and the link shown above. If you are teaching a course from this book, the rest of the answers can be accessed at the book's webpage on the Springer site, where you click on "Request lecturer material". You can also email me directly. Either way, you will need to include evidence that you're a faculty member (e.g. a link to a department webpage that includes your name).